A Small town could be all towns

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Living in a small southern town shows a slice of life that is fresh, fun, and uncomplicated. It involves families living, loving, shifting and sharing. It’s really so simple. Nothing has really changed since we raised our kids here. Parents swell with pride over football heroes, homecoming maids, cheerleaders and water boys. They watch out for each other’s children and administer discipline and hugs as needed. Parents navigate their own relationships while they encourage their kids to do the same. Us older souls offer unwanted advice hoping some attentive young ears will pick up on a small morsel of our “wisdom”.

It’s been a lot of years since I have sat through a Friday night show under the lights in a high school stadium. I forgot about it’s magic! Parents, neighbors, grandparents, babysitters, politicians, mechanics and friends set aside everything else when the lights come up on Friday night. The guy you bought tires from on Tuesday sits shoulder to shoulder with the woman who closed your recent real estate deal. This is America! My American anyway. Why does everything have to be so complicated out there in the land of constant media? Chunk it down and every town looks very much like this. Kids are kids. They want to belong. Want to matter. Want to participate Want to be loved. Parents want to succeed. Want to do it right. Want to fit in. Want to be loved. How simple can it get. Let’s all just turn off the media, whether in our faces or in our hands, and look into the eyes of the ones we love, or hope to love. It’s pretty simple. Jesus sort of had it figured out when he instructed us to “Love one another as I have loved you and Love your neighbor as yourself.” Crazy as it sounds; a high school football stadium on a Friday night might be where this shows its purest and truest side here in American. Think about it…

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