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Finding the way in the darkness

In the uncertain world of the Coronavirus our time on the trawler gives us a lesson on how to cope.

Be still and know that I am God

In the midst of the chaos the water offers us a refuge.

It’s a wrap! Reflections on Cruizin the Coast 2019

A look back at the 2019 Cruisin the Coast event.

Wood you do some boat chores

Life aboard and old trawler requires constant maintenance and TLC.

Back Aboard

There’s a mindset that comes with boating and clearly I was not in it when we returned to Pelican after being away for a while. The heavy rains of recent days have taken a toll on things on board. Despite my cousin’s vigilance in… Continue Reading “Back Aboard”

Saltier at Sixty-ish

Today is my birthday. Which means another year of my life has gone in the record books. I’d have to say it’s been a very good one. Ten years ago if you would have told me I would be living aboard a boat and… Continue Reading “Saltier at Sixty-ish”

March On

Liveaboards are a bit like bears. When the cold, the fog, and the rain of January and February finally subside we all come out of hibernation and get busy getting busy. March is the month of boat projects and dock projects. Suddenly the sun… Continue Reading “March On”

Answering the call. A guest blog by Wes Dannreuther

  People who spend time on the water know the day will come when they will need to call someone for help. Whether you are in a Krogan or a kayak stuff happens. I’m excited to share a story with you today told by… Continue Reading “Answering the call. A guest blog by Wes Dannreuther”

Learn with your legs

I love to walk! It’s my thing. I set out everyday in a different direction here at Hilton Head and I never get tired of the scenery. Sometimes I go toward the beach and walk the shoreline and sometimes I walk a neighborhood around… Continue Reading “Learn with your legs”

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