I know I mentioned our arrival back to the marina greeted us with a mountain of work but after a week of boat chores that were not so pleasant we rounded the corner into week two on board and now we are settled in and enjoying fall-like temps and embracing open air living once again.

This girl is forty one years old…Pelican, not me, and she is a constant challenge as we live and love her. Everywhere you look there is wood. Leaks have rotted out some areas and softened up others but Mac chases them down as fast as he can. Today he replaced a small area of wall in my galley that had to be taken down to the fiberglass skin and he reworked a door jam that had gotten soft. He pulls out all the soft areas and replaces them with cement board. Tomorrow he will add new facia board and trim with molding and she’ll look good as new. He has been using this process for a few years now and just as every gal has concerns about aging our gal is holding her own amongst her peers. We see lots of vessels out there in a lot worse shape than Peli!

Meanwhile, I try to stay out of the skippers way and spend the morning cleaning and scrubbing the v berth walls and cabinets and get busy shining brass hardware throughout. I use Bona cabinet cleaner for the mahogany interior of the boat; walls, cabinets, holds and hatches, all wood, all need TLC. A microfiber cloth and a little elbow grease and she shines right up. For the brass I have a fabulous new discovery that removes the grime and tarnish with little effort. Simichrome Polish is amazing!! I bought this little tube from Vermont Country Store last summer when we visited family there but you can get yours on Amazon by clicking the link above. See for yourself! You literally only need a dab and the results are outstanding!

The weather’s too pretty to work all day so it’s a dingy ride to have some lunch at Up The Creek at Broad Creek Marina where a bucket of suds is in order to wash the work away. Afterwards we dink into Harbor Town to drool over several new arrivals along the docks including a 42’ Nordic Tug that looks like they just took delivery. Fine indeed! All in all it was a perfect fall day on Hilton Head Island. A little work, a little play. Feeling blessed to be here.

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5 Replies to “Wood you do some boat chores”

  1. Hey there, kids! Always look forward to your latest post…
    Before I retired from teaching, and with my shop at the house in Springfield, I had a little budding side-business called “Brasses & Woods”. Refinishing can seem endless and numbing (or Zen), but OH! when you’re done, you step back and just marvel at the beauty, like in your pictures!
    Hey, when’s Pelican going to bring you back to play with us again? Can’t wait to see you…
    Jacksonville’s calling to you!


    1. Les! So good to hear from you! I’d like to tackle the tabletop in the galley on a future trip but it’s veneer. Any suggestions?
      Pelican likes HHI and Mom likes us close. Not sure when she rolls south again but rest assured we will see you then. How’s Gusto coming along?


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