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Be still and know that I am God

In the midst of the chaos the water offers us a refuge.

Play hard. Pray harder.

Here we are at the end of the season of Mardi Gras and the beginning of Lent. It’s been a season of galas and gatherings. A season of sparkle and shine. But now it is time to put away the outward shine and work… Continue Reading “Play hard. Pray harder.”

It’s a wrap! Reflections on Cruizin the Coast 2019

A look back at the 2019 Cruisin the Coast event.

Wood you do some boat chores

Life aboard and old trawler requires constant maintenance and TLC.

Back Aboard

There’s a mindset that comes with boating and clearly I was not in it when we returned to Pelican after being away for a while. The heavy rains of recent days have taken a toll on things on board. Despite my cousin’s vigilance in… Continue Reading “Back Aboard”

Peg oh my heart

I write this from 30 thousand feet. We are bound for Cleveland for what was supposed to be a gathering of my sibs to work a project of my brothers choosing at his lakehouse in Michigan. Turns out we will also be gathering with… Continue Reading “Peg oh my heart”

Fifty shades of Green. A look at Mississippi springtime.

Our bayou home is exploding with green! We arrived back in Gautier to find everything in spring bloom. It is my favorite time of year here. The sky is an amazing shade of blue, the trees are lacy with new growth, the breezes are… Continue Reading “Fifty shades of Green. A look at Mississippi springtime.”

Thoughts, prayers and metaphors

Winter is trying to shove Spring back like a big brother trying to shoulder bump his younger sibling out go the way. I lay in the V berth listening to the howling of the wind as the lines creak under the strain of the… Continue Reading “Thoughts, prayers and metaphors”

“I get really jazzed about this”

This post is being written at thirty thousand feet somewhere over the middle of the country. This week I have been as far from the Atlantic ICW as I’ve been in over a year. Las Vegas. Not my favorite town, but I survived. It… Continue Reading ““I get really jazzed about this””

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