Peg oh my heart

I write this from 30 thousand feet. We are bound for Cleveland for what was supposed to be a gathering of my sibs to work a project of my brothers choosing at his lakehouse in Michigan. Turns out we will also be gathering with numerous McLaughlins as we have lost our matriarch, Aunt Peggy. She lived 96 years but succumbed to injuries from a fall last week. Peggy was a beautiful soul. Busy to the end trying to please all who crossed her threshold. There was always a cold drink offered and you could rest assured the top of the can had been wiped clean in her care. She knew every birth, every middle name, every graduate, every juicy family tidbit. Her penmanship amazed. Her generosity astounded. Her love for family radiated from her.

Her white living room saw activity only on Christmas Eve when songs were sung with Mitch Miller and yummy cheesy puffs were passed along with a killer whiskey sour. The men in the family always received her extra care, never allowed to touch a dish or clear a plate. Peggy ran a tight ship. She was clearly the captain. An executive secretary for thirty five years, she put organization and loyalty front and center and I suspect she might have an opinion about the “me too” movement though she was much too much of a lady to ever say so. Distance never afforded Mac and I the time to join is all the moments of her life but we cherish those we did have with her. I know Heaven is going to benefit from her organizing and arranging. Jesus will probably tap her to keep His calendar. For surely none before her could do it so well. Farewell sweet Peggy. You will be missed.

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    • Thank you Marilyn. A life well lived indeed. See you soon in MS!

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