Fifty shades of Green. A look at Mississippi springtime.

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Our bayou home is exploding with green! We arrived back in Gautier to find everything in spring bloom. It is my favorite time of year here. The sky is an amazing shade of blue, the trees are lacy with new growth, the breezes are fresh and brisk and the summer heat is still several weeks away. This is truly when Mississippi puts on her best face.

The back deck of our home has a view to the west that affords us wonderful sunsets. It overlooks the Sandhill Crane Refuge with a great view of Bluff Creek, part of the Pascagoula River System. As a matter of fact we found this house 36 years ago while cruising these waterways.

We have a symphony of wildlife sounds this time of year with gators groaning their mating calls, birds chirping sweet songs, and frogs croaking into the night air. It’s a concert of sounds that says spring has indeed arrived. This is different than the summer sounds when cicada send their cries into the humid air as the dusk settles in. It’s a beautiful contrast to weeks ago when the bayou was enveloped in winter’s dead quiet. It’s magical and amazing.

To those boating enthusiasts, cruisers and AGLCA Loopers please don’t overlook the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Don’t be too quick to be Florida bound. If you come down the TennTom “Go west young man!”. There are countless miles of waterways in the numerous river systems along the 90 miles of this state’s coastline. We have wonderful fresh water gunk holes in which to drop your hook or you can head south a few miles to our uninhabited islands that are part of the pristine Gulf Islands National Seashore.

We have remarked several times since arriving home that we have seen many majestic and magnificent places on our cruising travels but our own back yard affords us some of the best sounds, smells, views and experiences that we have had in our lives. We are grateful for that. So until the sultry summer season descends with the stinging yellow flies and oppressive heat I can be found in my happy place on my back deck reclining in the chaise sipping something cool with a good read in hand or propped up and watching the action of the bayou, just listening.


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