When I began this blog in March of 2018 it was to keep friends and family looped into our travels on our trawler, Pelican. For most of that year and into this spring we lived aboard and experienced life in a marina and all the daily routines of living aboard a boat. Indeed these were salty days. As summertime rolled around we spent only a few nights back in Hilton Head and more time on the Gulf side of our life. We have also had some great treks north away from the heat and humidity.

It occurs to me that even on land I am really no less salty. Being 60plus gives one a different perspective on younger days. Things that used to matter a great deal to me have become less important. I have let my hair go to the color of salt. And just as salt will melt away ice, I have let many worries and cares of yester years melt away. When I look back at things that used to keep me awake at night I realize that always those sleepless hours were wasted when the sun came up and I faced a new day. The Good Lord was in charge then and He is in charge still so “Let go and let God”.

Salt is a also a great preservative. I find at this age of 60plus that I have things that are important to preserve. Friendships need to be salted. Memories need to be preserved. There’s more time in my life now to make that phone call or send that note. In this age of too much media it’s easy to pretend you know what your friends and family are doing with their lives. Don’t be so sure.

Salt is a seasoning. These days of adventure on the water have certainly seasoned our lives richly. It’s critical to season other aspects of life as well. A legacy needs to be seasoned. Certainly we have said goodbye to too many friends, mentors, and family this past year. I can’t believe how many posts were words of goodbye: Peg oh my heart, Giants, Farewell sweet Jane, Thoughts, prayers and metaphors Land Each left a legacy behind. Reflecting on one’s life happens more often as the years pile on. Am I leaving the legacy I’d like to leave? What will be said of my life when I’m gone? Do I need to add more seasoning now to make that legacy more meaningful?

Although I’ve been posting fewer words this summer I have been doing a great deal of reflecting. Trawler living and all thing boat will continue to be the subject here at Satyatsixty but look to me for more in future posts. This ride into the 60plus years has lots of twists and turns. Look for salty stories of salty people, salty sayings, salty servings, salty style and salty stuff. I’m venturing further. I hope you will come along.

So scroll down and “follow” if you haven’t already, “comment” and “like” if I speak to your soul. Share my blog with a friend so the circle gets broader. Saltiness is contagious! Let’s shake it up.

6 Replies to “Added Salt”

  1. Words of wisdom to live by. God has been at the helm the whole time. I’m lovin’ your journey through the salty plus years. Can’t wait to see where the next adventure takes you and Mike.


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