Motor Home life 101

We are moving again. On land this time. The MaryB is our new vessel. She is a 36 foot Tiffin Alegro motorhome. We bought this beast last November and I decided it would be fun to share land adventures with you like I shared our journey at sea. It’s different. It’s the same.

We have taken a few trips before this one but this trip bears discussion. We are in Arkansas. Eureka Springs revisited. Mac didn’t come with me when I came years ago … Eureka!!, so I have enjoyed showing him my favorite places and we have enjoyed discovering new places. Our hosts are the owners of Eureka Yurts, Melissa and Blake Versagi. The area is the Ozark Mountains and April is a time to see it in its budding glory. It seems the perfect time to be here unless you were ready for the Gulf Coast heat. Temps are mild, even cool. Rain is sporadic and light. We have the touristy places to ourselves so we explore the area around Beaver Lake and decide we very well might return.

There is a new bird arriving daily as they make their way north. Their song wakes us every morning through open windows of the motorhome. Wildflowers seem to be popping open every hour. We have explored the history of the town and embraced the local flavor, including a Sunday afternoon at a chainsaw carving contest and charity auction. Very cool!!

Rest is what we came for, and rest is what we have found. We rise late. Go to bed early.The evenings find us stoking a fire for the evening with a beverage after a dinner . Meals are sometimes shared, sometimes not. There are no rules and the attitude is perfectly relaxed.

Then we have to leave! The contrast between our travels in April of 2018 and our travels of today is kind of ironic. Mac still has the helm. He commands when we move. How far. How fast. The difference for me is the level of anxiety. Pelican glided along at 7 knots. Nothing happened fast. In this vessel we are whizzing down freeways and backroads getting pushed by eighteen wheelers and rocked by winds around every bend. I am not relaxed. I have a lot to learn about land travels compared to those we enjoyed gliding across the ICW. Experience is a good teacher. Chalk this one off to the rolling hills and the towering cliffs. I will do my best to face the next. It’s either that or stay at home. Not an option, as you well know.

3 Replies to “Motor Home life 101”

  1. Glad to see you guys are on the move. I sold my business to my partner, Shelby, and I am still working as an employee. We will see how fast the evolution goes. Still helping with the twists and turns of our kid’s lives, and hoping things settle down a little so we can take some time away. You are welcome here anytime, Hocking hills is nearby, with a lot of hiking, and we can get you back on the water, since we have two tandem pedal drive kayaks we can go out in for sightseeing and a lot of exercise-K


  2. Hey, Landsailors are ye, then! You could have run into my parents, and would have had a famous time! I can identify with you a bit- after six years afloat, the last surgeries and all that, I had to let Ms Night Train go (I’ll get a nice day-sailor soon). It was easy falling back into your prose, to be where you are through your words. Brings a smile each time. The Ozarks! Could be a Netflix Series…kidding. Would be fun catching up- lots of waters passing beneath our keels, yathink? Please tour carefully- the land has a bunch more hidden stumps and rocks than the water… Peace and God Bless! Les


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    1. Les! So fun to hear from you! The jury’s still out on our road running. We miss the water but age and commitments to grands and others keep us anchored. It’s rich though. Hope you are well and that our paths cross again some time.


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