Ok, I admit it. I expected to come to Arkansas and be surrounded by toothless crazy rednecks. Not! Eureka Springs is positively charming. Filled with fascinating history and beautiful scenery, fall foliage, victorian homes, shops and pubs, and bavarian chalets. Best of all Yurts!

The top of the yurt. Skylight is retractable for fresh air to flow.

Carla and I took a road trip this week being hosted by her cousin in his wonderful cozy Yurt. Every board, every railing, every countertop has been crafted with loving care by Blake’s hands. It’s truly a work of art. The structure is round with windows stretching the entire back of the Yurt overlooking a wooded ridge. Its peaceful here. Uncomplicated. There is a respect for the surrounding land, lakes and wildlife. Birds lite on the railings just long enough to let you admire their amazing individuality. Belle and Bear, Blake and Melissa’s beautiful great pyrenees pups greet you in eager anticipation of a belly rub.

Our first night we venture to the Crescent Hotel. Built in 1886 this hotel boasts the most paranormal activity ever recorded on one site and uses that claim to fame to attract many for their Ghost Tours. As we entered the elevator one such guide joined us complete with black period attire and dead eyes! Being Halloween week they were amped up and were bustling with creepiness. Much like Hotel California it seems back in the 1880’s there was a doctor who lured patients to the hotel with the promise of a cure but they could check out but they would never leave. The huge incinerator on the grounds is rumored to have been mighty active. Anyway we sat on the balcony where the pizza was great, the craft beer enjoyable and the view amazing!

The largest outdoor passion play is staged here. The massive Jesus can be seen for miles.

Monday found us exploring the Downtown shopping scene where one can wander for hours and find anything from fudge to footstools. Very friendly folks greeted us at every turn. Shopping can bring on hunger and thirst so another fine old hotel was recommended. From the balcony of the Basin Park Hotel we watch the world go by on the winding streets below again sipping on the local suds and feasting on great grub. An evening drive found us counting deer and enjoying panoramic views of the lengthening shadows over Lake Leatherwood.

Antique shopping was Tuesday’s adventure. Plenty of sprawling shops dot the roadsides all around Eureka Springs. Can’t even count how many times we exclaimed, “I remember so-and-so used to have one of these.”! Again more amazing food and local brews await us at The Rockin Pig Saloon where we enjoyed a late lunch as the rain began to fall. Back to our cozy accommodations at Eureka Yurts!

Blake and Melissa are wonderful hosts! They clearly love the area and the town of Eureka Springs. I was pleasantly surprised at the culture, art, and fare of the area, not to mention the people and the views! Put this one on your bucket list. You won’t be sorry.

Let me know your thoughts!

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