Well here we are a few days from Christmas and coming to the end of another year. I have had the opportunity to be in my stores this season and I have so enjoyed the time with customers and our fabulous team members. My role has been mostly “elfing” at the wrap station. I love this role. It’s peaceful and hectic all at the same time. The hum of the business is all around with numerous conversations floating about, some between our associates and the customers, some the casual interactions among the groups of shoppers. The pace can be crazy at times. Wrap this, tag that, make more bows, clean up the wrapping station, chat up the customers, fold some more boxes …repeat! I love it!

I find in the crazy a peaceful satisfaction and overwhelming sense of gratitude that comes from being privileged to serve these loyal folks year after year. Knowing that a gift from Lee Tracy, the business we have spent forty plus years building, means so much to so many is both humbling and rewarding. Once again the same friends come in our doors trusting our team to guide them to the perfect gift purchase or dressing them for the important occasions the holiday season presents.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I often pause in the midst of the buzz around me and picture scenes in other homes around other trees and hope and pray that our wrapping brings a smile and our selections delight. Because my Christmas is richer because you trusted us to bring yours. We are ever so grateful as we come to the end of another year for the people that believe in shopping with us, your neighbors. Small business is a roller coaster and Christmas week is the end of the wild ride when we hop off and run to the gates to jump back on and look up at that massive hill and winding turns as we scream “ Let’s do it again!!

I close by sharing our family’s annual video Christmas card. Click the link below to view. Merry Christmas everyone and may all of your dreams come true in the new decade ahead.

The McLaughlin Family Christmas Card

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