Hi! It’s been a while. I’ve missed you! A lot of crazy things have happened since my last post. I’m no longer sixty and maybe too removed from the Pelican to be considered very salty but I still have the sea in my soul and the desire for sand between my toes. So lets get back to our adventures.

In the course of the crazy Covid pandemic our business has taken on a massive growth spurt. We now have six doors, countless new hires, numerous new daily challenges and enormous blessings My only regret is that it’s keeping me away from the water and on the terra firma too long. This past weekend we were able to change that! Both Saturday and Sunday we spent on board boats, staring at the wake once again, feeling whole and free surrounded by the smell of summer, fuel and salt.

Saturday was a southbound run to Petit Bouy Island, part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Friends have a great Key West center console perfect for the day run south and quick enough to keep us from getting soaked on our return. The rain this summer has kept most on shore but we braved it and dodged it and enjoyed a cloudy but balmy day floating in the Gulf.

Sunday we took our dinghy out on the bayou for a few hours. Deep in the woods under low hanging branches we dodged some spiderwebs and joined some sneaky gators in the cool of the slews that make up the Sandhill Crane Wildlife Refuge. I learned something. I need more of this. I love my work. Meeting people and striving to help them find the right gift, the perfect outfit, or just the small distraction they were looking for is the blessing of my profession. But being on the water completes my soul, connects my dots. I thank God we live in such a beautiful place. Water surrounds us here and beckons us to come out and play. I don’t take it for granted and I cherish the months I had where my only job was to stare at the wake and document the sunset with my lens. It is still out there. And when things settle into a rhythm in my stores once again, you can bet, I will be back.

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