Shake down cruise and other news.

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A lot of you have commented that you got worried when there was no “Day two” post. We did not sink! NLet me tell you day 2 until day 5 have been full of good friends, good foods, goodbyes and good news.

We spent four nights on the hook in the Destin Harbor literally in spitting distances of our condo. The intent was to see how we like the way things are running and how things are stowed.

We played all weekend meeting up with our kids, grandkids, and their friends and kids. Noriega Point is a great “nose up” spot where we love to sit and take in the action of the pass and the harbor. Our daughter Jacquie, husband Wes, and their pals were having a big weekend celebrating Wes’ birthday. A trip to Bochamps on Saturday with them did not disappoint! Always delicious! After that it was off to the beach. Sunset found us saying our goodbyes to the boys and Mom and Dad since we weren’t sure what Sunday would bring.

So after a salty day on the sand my much anticipated shower was instead greeted with not a drip…broken fresh water pump. Bring on the baby powder and dry shampoo! Glad it happened now.

Sunday found Mac back in the bilge repairing the pump that we were finally able to find at West Marine ( Don’t even try Walmart and Home Depot for this part. ) The guys at West Marine were great. They matched the price on the online version we found that would have taken until Tuesday to get.

A shakedown across the bay proved very successful late Sunday afternoon and we pulled into Noriega once again to tie up with Katie and Sky who are new-found cruising pals. They are here in Destin from Galveston and we are blest to have met them.

Sunday evening we just had to hit Bochamps crawfish festival and raise a glass with Teri and David , our neighbors in DYC. We will miss all of the yacht club crew!

Monday found us checking off the final prep list. I got a pedi and a haircut. We both got new eyeglasses (gotta see those navigational beacons, Mac!). Lots of land based chores were accomplished. Mac also spent a good bit of time sanitizing the bilge.

Today we have been tearing up the boat once again…ugh! I have nowhere to move for the tools in my way. More stuff came off that we decided wasn’t essential to life on board.

But the good news is we have friends coming in from Dauphin Island to cruise the next few weeks with us. They are heading to VA and possibly further. Bill and Meredith were introduced to us this winter by our friends Carla and Andy. We spent a great afternoon picking their brains about their travels on the loop. He shared a fabulous spreadsheet of info with us that we intended to use as our guide. Now it looks like they may actually be our guide! God is so good!

The wind is still blowing but it looks good for a Friday departure from Destin once Bill and Meredith get refueled and rested. It’s not hard to have to spend a couple of more nights in our beloved Destin Harbor!

Stay tuned!

2 Replies to “Shake down cruise and other news.”

  1. Lee and Mac so glad to here of your adventures. We are in McClellanville until 4/15. I am traveling home to Charleston after a week in Texas teaching. We had a fresh pump issue with the pressure switch. Lee held the wires together so I could shower leaving for Texas next day. What a great husband!!!How far north are y’all planning?


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