Easter Weekend

Saturday we ran the GIWW from Panama City to Appalachia. This is a beautiful pristine waterway. Mac might need to go back there sometime because his head was in the bilge and he pretty much missed it. I drove all day. He discovered a small drip that indicated a hose that was weak so he shut down the engine that was leaking and proceeded to fix it. As is always the case, a fifteen minute fix is more like two hours. At one point I thought he had fallen overboard because he didn’t respond to my signal and I got very very panicked. Turns out he was just elbows in and unable to hear. Lesson learned. We will communicate better from here on.

At the end of the windy waters is wonderful Apalachicola. We tied up at Scorpio Creek Marina, had a cocktail with Bill and Meridith and headed to dinner at Up the Creek where Mediterranean Oysters were my choice and Mac had a tuna poke. Both great!
After dinner it was live music and an interesting tip jar at Appalachacola Ice House. A great way to close a great cruising day!

Sunday we fueled up and headed for a short run of about three hours across to Dog Island,just south of Carabelle.

This was a beautiful anchorage much like our own Horn Island only there are a few homes on Dog Island and people actually bring old cars and leave them by the boat ramp so they can get around the island. We met several people spend their Easter on the beach.two couple in a pontoon and of all things a retailer! Kate is the owner of Hicks in downtown Thomasville Ga. A fourth generation store! We had to share a little shop talk.

Dinner was pork tacos and it was an early night so we could be up and ready for the big crossing day.

As I write this we are on anchor in Cedar Key. Mac just cranked the engines and I have duties to perform as we pull anchor and head out so I’m signing off and will fill you all in on our cruise across the Gulf as soon as I get to WiFi and can write on the computer instead of a phone.

Let me know your thoughts!

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