This will probably be my shortest post yet. It’s Saturday. We’ve been in Jacksonville at The Marina at Ortega Landing since a week ago Tuesday. Too long!

Yes, we had Dave and Aimee visit. So fun! Yes, we went up to Savannah and Hilton Head for a few days, great time. But all in all we are stuck here due to unstable weather. Shame on me. This is a fabulous place to be stuck if you have to be stuck. However, we aren’t good at being stuck. The scenery needs to change soon or we might get on each other’s very very very last nerve. No details. Let’s just suffice it to say that for two people who have moved every three days for the last twenty years of their lives this circumstance is not working for us.

Because of the rain we now know every leak and have placed many vessels to catch them. In between squall we have scrubbed upside, down side, inside, and outside. Can we please get moving soon…..?

5 Replies to “Truth”

  1. We’ve been stuck at home, in the slip, or AT WORK by the same crummy weather. Now we’re expecting more of the same for the first holiday weekend of the summer. Here’s hoping for all of us that the weather turns more summery soon and that you can continue with your journey. Thanks for the great writeup of the electrical problem.


    1. Greg we hate to see the Gulf getting a soggy Memorial Day. We have been cruising the Ga coast since Tuesday trying to stay ahead of this storm. We arrived at Hilton Head at noon today. I’ll be posting some details later once we get to WiFi. Stay dry!


  2. Oh, yoohoo! Just got into your blog, so now I get to catch up.
    Hope y’all are well and enjoying each other, and the sights along the way!
    Ttys! 😙


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