Let me take a minute and tell you about my captain. Today is his birthday. He actually celebrates it all month so if you see him out and about he accepts birthday greetings until Halloween. He calls it Octoberfest. Ya gotta love him. I do.

I would not be on this journey with any other captain. He knows this boat. I have watched him work on her for countless hours. He can troubleshoot every system and always seems to figure the problem out. If he can’t he’s not too proud to ask someone who can. Earlier this week while changing out a black water hose he was stretched out on his belly sweating and grunting as he worked in a space smaller than a milk crate. He dropped the screwdriver several times. Never fussed. Just kept after it. A pulled muscle and two hours later and it was fixed. It was a sh…ty job to say the least but he stuck with it. He never gives up! That’s why I trust him as my captain.

This week is our favorite week on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It’s Cruisin the Coast. Thousands of classic cars and lots of friends gather all across the coast every year on this week. We aren’t there this year. Sort of sorry about that but in a effort to distract ourselves and celebrate his 6-2 we shoved off the dock and headed up the May River again. We love the Bluffton area. It’s like our Ocean Springs in a lot of ways. Artsy, folksy, good eateries and bars, and very historic. We spent yesterday walking the streets, browsing the galleries and shops and the weekly farmers market and then lunching at The Old Dispensary.

The new Yamaha on the dingy got a workout too as we spent the rest of the day exploring slews and creeks and marveling at the homes tucked into the low country loveliness. Pictures will follow in a future post.

Two nights on the hook in May River brought us to the big guy’s big day. We pulled up the hook and cruised under bright blue skies down the glassy Calibogue Sound and back west to Daufuskie Island.

Daufuskie is directly west of Hilton Head and only accessible by boat. About four hundred people call this island home. Astonishingly there is a marker stating that archeologists have evidence of human occupation on this land dating back to 12,000 BC.

We anchored off and cranked up the Lil Baba once more. Savage Creek, directly across from the island heading back toward the May River, was amazing with wildlife and unspoiled wilderness all around. A short ride around the bend of the island to the west found us on the Daufuskie Landing where we met John, the proprietor of the mercantile soon to open there. He was full of information but had nothing to sell (cold beer) so off we went to Cooper River Landing where The Daufuskie Crab Company is nestled on top of a bluff with a great breeze and a TON of business! Where were all these people from?! Everyone was so friendly and the food was great. It appears to be quite the destination for recreational boaters from both directions, South Carolina and Georgia’s low country. We shall return.

So my captain has had a full and fun birthday celebration this year even though he has missed his Cruisin week in Mississippi. I pray he has a healthy happy year as we move into the second six months of our adventure. I am so blessed and humbled to be by his side on this journey on this 40 year old vessel that he can confidently troubleshoot. I would like to be able to buy the 46 foot Nordhavn, with its stand-up-and-walk-around engine room and countless other fancy systems. That is what he really wants for his birthday (and every birthday) but instead I ordered him a water pump from American Diesel which he will have to lay on his belly for hours to install! Happy Birthday Mac!

Let me know your thoughts!

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