A lot of you readers may be new to the way I send our annual Christmas greeting. I have been sending a video Christmas card for about 13 years now, ever since we started having amazing grandchildren and I could not zero in on a few of the best photos from a whole year’s worth of shots. Every year I wait until I get the whisper inside my heart to see what song will speak to me for the slideshow,  it has to be special!  This year with all of the cruising, blogging, traveling and distractions of every other lovely kind I didn’t even think about the video until a few weeks ago. Amazingly the song Heaven Everywhere by Francesca Battiselli spoke to me the first time I heard it.  This year for Mac and I has been a wonderful collection of Heaven everywhere. Ever sunrise, every sunset, every new friend we have met, every new town we have discovered, every moment staring at the wake or looking at the horizon has been a little bit of Heaven everywhere. We are on land for the holidays, wrapping gifts, helping out, touching base, hugging necks, but we both know the adventure is just on pause for a few weeks. We will be back on Pelican in the new year looking to meet more new friends, discover more new horizons, seek more new adventures. But for now we wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2019! See you on the water.

Click here to view our greeting: Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

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