Ok yesterday was a bad day. It’s January. Too cold. Wet. All my pals (my cheer leaders) have left Destin to pursue their winter adventures and we are still waiting for a warming trend to happen so we can toss off the lines, push away from the dock and start this adventure. You know, the one that I left my business for, turned over my duties to family for, asked for all the gear for Christmas for, and now I can’t stand the “waiting for”! Bring on my sabbatical year.

Most of you would find this incredibly liberating and don’t get me wrong, I know I am blessed. While we are cruising on the Pelican Lee Tracy will run like a well oiled machine in the hands of daughter, Katie,  son-in-law, Wes and sister in-law Diane. So here’s where I lost it today. I mean total meltdown. Katie is leaving to take her key people to New York tomorrow. It’s what we do every January only this year it’s she and them and not she and I. I guess I didn’t realize just how special those few days with my daughter (some years my other daughter has come along too) are to me;  jumping slush puddles to hail cabs, freezing our southern tushes off as we navigate the garment district, eating room service dinners just because we can take turns in a hot bath . It’s what we have done every January for years! Can you tell I hate change? I cried like a baby realizing my plans to shove off have been pushed off and I could have been with them this week had I only known!

This morning she called and said “Did you book a flight?”. Of course not. I blew my nose, (put some Missisisspi Morning Miracle Eye Clay on my swollen eyes) and got over it. This adventure IS  going to happen. Everything I am leaving behind is going to be worth the cost as we forge ahead. We both have excitement mixed with anxiety about what we might miss, who we might miss, but we know it’s our year to get on this boat we love and explore the things we love, the  Northern Gulf, The East Coast of Florida and the Low Country.

4 Replies to “SulkyatSixty”

    1. Gene we are now a month and a half into our adventures, all I can say is WOW!!! As I write this we are sitting in St Augustine can you say fabulous? Been here since Friday and don’t want to leave. Let’s talk about History. It is like being in New Orleans without crime. Safe you don’t have to look over your shoulder every minute so you can enjoy the experience. Say hi to Becky for us. See you when and if we come back. On a scale of 1 to 10 this trip is pushing 9.6.


      1. Loving your post! I do notice there is more time between them, so I guess y’all are are slowing down and enjoying the lifestyle. Sounds like Mike is getting plenty salty. There is nothing like relaxing after a long day of unfamiliar waters and rough weather. Be careful, enjoy and keep the adventures coming.


      2. Gene. Thanks for following along. We have been having too much fun to stop and post. Ha! I better get busy. Stay tuned.


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