Day One

cropped-img_5891.jpgIt must have taken twelve trips from the car and condo but the Pelican is loaded and ready for this adventure of a lifetime. Today we stash and stow and figure out what can really stay or what has to go. Most cruisers probably don’t bring a guitar, sewing machine, drone, real books, bikes, and gamer gear. A smaller boat would never do!

The plan is to shake this girl to her timbers for three days in our local waters to test all the repairs made on the engines recently. If all goes well and the wind lays down a bit we head east next week.

Permission to come aboard!!

30 Comments on “Day One

  1. I see your headed East first! Does that mean your coming to Vermont? Hahaha I watched you both survive so much adversity and you are amazing hard working and loving. You deserve this! Enjoy!

    • Darren, we are at dock today at the beautiful Sarasota Yacht Club and it is HONKIN out of the west! Very glad to be at dock today!!

  2. A good captain uses his superior judgment to keep him from getting into situations were he needs to use his superior skills!

  3. Lee: I’m so grateful that you are willing to share this amazing journey with eager readers like me. What a dream! Enjoy!

  4. Have a fabulous adventure. Can’t wait to follow along!

  5. Ahoy!!! Love the post and let us know when you are near Virginia! Bob will want to stow away on the pelican…fair warning:)

    • Hilton Head /Savannah is the destination this season but if we don’t kill each other in the tight quarters we may go further. Follow us!!

  6. Now I’m officially nervous! Can I track your cell phones to see that you made it to port every night!?! I expect a nightly text saying your tucked in safely. Bon Voyage! Live the Dream

  7. So excited to follow along. This may be on my future bucket list! Safe travels!!

  8. God speed ! Wishing you both a safe happy trip of a lifetime. I’ll look forward to your post. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  9. What an amazing thing to do! Have a great trip and can’t wait to follow along!

  10. I am so happy for the both of you!!!! I can’t think of anyone who deserves this adventure more than the 2 of you. It is a good thing that I never learned to swim or I would tag along….. lol

  11. So glad you’re off the dock. Enjoy this great adventure. Love ya

  12. What a fun ‘coastal adventure’……. following from Gautier! Linda G

  13. So excited for u both. Carol and I can’t wait to see pictures. Yoga works great in tight quarters 😜

  14. What a great adventure!! Will be sure to follow.
    Be safe and god speed.

  15. Praying to Carmen & Grandmaw to cover y’all with their angel wings for protection!!! Y’all have fun~ what an exciting trip!!! 😘

  16. Hope u get to stop in the keys…i have a slip for u..refuel etc.

    • Sandy, You and Kim have been on our hearts. Prayers for this difficult journey you are on. Love Y’all

      • Thanks, you know much Dan enjoyed you both. He is now smiling on us. He is probably a little
        jealous of your boat trip.
        Be safe and enjoy your closeness with God.
        Love, Sandy

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