Waiting for my man to come home from…the land!

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Chillin on the Tarpon Springs dock.

Today was more stressful than the entire journey thus far. Who knew one could get so disconnected from real life so quickly?

We shared a rental car with Bill and Meredith . They took it yesterday and did their land chores.We waved them off the dock early this morning as they  headed to Sarasota. We took the rental car loaded the laundry and headed to the laundry mat and grocery. It was to be returned by one. Our chores should have taken a couple of hours. Right? Of course right!

The laundry mat was doing some upgrading, today of all days. They were cutting off breakers right and left to install new machines. Our clothes were soaked coming out of the washer so the proprietor offers a rewash on him. Apparently he can’t just put them back in to spin again., they have to go the entire 30 minute cycle.  Lesson learned. I go do my entire grocery run and return to find clothes finally in the dryer but clearly not drying. I put my hand on the front of the dryer and it’s tepid at best so it appears the dryers are as lame as the washers. UGH!

Mac heads out to the Auto Zone for the fluids we require to continue our journey. I babysit the wash. I become pals with several other frustrated souls who also want free cycles on their machines that aren’t performing well. (I’d hate to be this owner today. He’s clearly in negative revenue as of 2 p.m.)

On the way back from his Auto Zone run Mac decides to stop by Verizon. We’ve been discussing our lack of cell service all the way south. He investigates a transfer from C Spire, gets the skinny on it and decides we are going to do it. Once the wash and groceries are loaded we go to Verizon.  Mac tells me, “The guys said it won’t take 20 minutes”.

Forty five minutes in, and with the car in overtime to be returned, I decide to have Mac take me back to the marina while they fiddle around with our phones. I have groceries that are needing to get out of the hot car. Oh, and did I mention there was a power surge that took out the entire center’s internet where Verizon was located so they are scrambling with hot spots to try to keep the sale alive.

When we get in the car Mac realizes he has left the  five gallon drum of oil sitting on the sidewalk at Auto Zone. CHA CHING! Someone could walk off with that in a heartbeat! Thankfully the friendly staff at Auto Zone saw it and held on to it until we returned. So glad this is a small town!

Back on Pelican I stow the food, put the clean sheets on the bed, scrub the galley, put all the clothes away, download a plugin for my blog, put the cushions on the flybridge, chill and people watch for a good hour…meanwhile I’m watching the parking lot for the Enterprise rental to pull in. 3 hours later I see my man emerge from the parking lot having been dropped off.  It really did feel like I was manning the widow’s walk!

Our first shore day was one I hope we do not repeat! Too much drama on land.  Once you get to the point where your world consists of three decks of order you have little tolerance for the clutter real life brings. I think I will stay on the water!

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