Quite a bit has occurred since our last post. Last Saturday As I returned from a great morning walk in Tarpon Springs Mike was hanging up on a call from home. Our dear Jane had died in her sleep over night. Jane had been like a mother to us and a grandmother to our kids for 35 years. Mike is executor for her estate and I had helped her plan her final arrangements. We rented a car and headed back to Mississippi.

IMG_8167The next few days were spent in a whirlwind of activities involving death and taxes. The good thing was we got to catch up with friends, check on the house, shop Lee Tracy and hug the girls, finalize the tax return, and celebrate my birthday with the Hinkel crew. 

Jane’s funeral went nicely. Thank you to Father Mike for the service and thank you to  all who attended. The Bradford O’Keefe folks were first class and the caretakers from Brookdale amazed us by showing in large numbers. Joe Clower you were the best! The Biloxi police gave her a seven car escort to her final resting place. We know she is fishing the big waters with Harry by her side again.

The change of schedule allowed us to talk our pals the Trigg’s into hopping aboard and riding south for a few days. We road back to Tarpon Springs in tandem. We enjoyed a greek dinner and stroll down the sponge docks then got tucked into Pelican for the night. Thursday morning we did several land chores and bid fond farewell to Mick at Tarpon Springs Municipal Marina. Mick was a delight. Big talker. Gave us lots of local knowledge.  The marina is undergoing some renovations. The docks are going to be replaced with floating docks soon. Good thing! The finger piers are really scary! The nicely renovated bathrooms and shower made up for it. We dropped the lines in Tarpon and headed out for more adventures. You will just have to stay tuned to find out what happened the next few days.


2 Replies to “Farewell sweet Jane”

  1. There is a breath taking Greek Orthodox church not far from the harbor. Worth the walk. Condolences on the loss of your friend Jane. May she rest in peace.


    1. Marilyn I poked my head into that Cathedral on my Sat am walk. There was a packed house and a big service going on so I didn’t go in. It looked beautiful! It was their Easter Weekend. They set off bombs all over the town as Easter approaches. Crazy! We are at Sarasota YC and shoving off to Venus today.


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