Spoiled by the unspoiled

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Our week began with the usual nightly briefing with Mike and Bill pouring over apps and charts deciding on our course and timing for the next few days. Bill and Meredith were staying in Sarasota until Wednesday but we wanted to get on our way to see what points of interest were southbound. We decided to go on ahead and meet up with them on Wednesday.Tuesday we dropped the lines and bid farewell to the beautiful Sarasota Yacht Club. An easy and interesting run found us in Venus where we attempted three times to set a hook so we could dingy in to explore the area. Finally the decision to keep going seemed to be agreeable. What a good choice! The run out of Venus was close water. Full sun. Easy and enjoyable. We ran another 2-3 hours until we were just north of Englewood. A great Anchorage was comfy and secure until the fishermen began to run out in the morning and rock us pretty good. By about 10 we were done with this spot. Mac had taken the dingy and done some recon and spotted a good Anchorage in Englewood Beach only a few minutes away. Up came the hook and we are off on the shortest dats cruise yet, one hour. Hook down we decide to go explore Englewood Beach. Amazing!!! The beach is unspoiled but still showing evidence of last seasons storms. As we walk the shells on the branches of they mangrove trees look like they have been placed by a lever decorator. Upon inspection we see that Mother Nature is showing us her handiwork as these shells are placed on each branch and they are there permanently to mark the area. It’s like a Christmas tree from God to mark an unspoiled , pristine area.

Once we were anchor down behind Englewood Beach we got in the dingy to explore. There were amazing mangroves and beaches to explore. At sunset we cruised in the dingy on to he shore where the tiki bar was crawling with people. One drink and we head back to Pelican. I’m too weary to share the details of these few days. Please humor me and know lots of prayers are going up l with cruising dreams.


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