Locks, rocks, docks and no clocks

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The Okeechobee Waterway has finally spit up out on its eastern side above Stuart Florida. Most would not have spent from Friday to Wednesday doing this run but a slow down we wanted and a slow down we got!

I have a whole story to post about Moore Haven but I wrote it in my computer and won’t be able to share that until we are in WiFi. Suffice it to say that a weekend in a dried up little canal town deserves to be documented all on its own so look for that later.

Tuesday was a 9 am shove off the dock and waves to the golf cart dwellers on the levee in Moore Haven. Into the lake we go!

Within an hour of departure weather reports are shifting. The rain and storm threat shifts to over the lake rather than east of the lake so after a call to the Army Corp of Engineers we opt to go the rim route which hugs the lower edge of the lake. It’s shoal in spots but well marked and full of amazing gators and birds. The shores are flanked by interesting rockeries and gator holes on one side to very solidly crafted rock filled ilevees on the other.

We only cruise about 20 miles before deciding to anchor at Terry Island bridge just in time to batten down for some mild thunderstorms. Just because we planned to go further doesn’t mean we want to. The clock means nothing on the waterway. It’s all driven by the water and the sky and what Mother Nature has in mind for this hour.

An early start to Wednesday has us planning to make Stuart or even Jensen Beach by 5. As we find with all great plans, we are yet again shifting and changing the daily plan. This time a severe weather system moves over the Indiantown area just as we slide by around 2 in the afternoon. This is an area just east of the lake in a protected canal so we were feeling very cocky and sure of ourselves for having taken on yet another challenge. Both of our phones blew up with tornado warnings as we get covered in a white-out rain. Guardian Angels were called upon and responses were felt as the three black cloud constellations that seems to be boiling around us just seemed to dissipate and go away!

Knowing we were too exhausted from the weather watch to go much further we put down just west of the Lucie Lock. The Corp of Engineers maintains a great park and small dock facility here. We decompress by fishing and drinking (you guess who did what…) then cook a great dinner of brats and sauerkraut and make some grilled chicken for tomorrow.

Today is that tomorrow and it’s been a great day. Mac put me out on the dock at the park so I could WALK. I have been sitting too long and craved the terra firma.

The lock system is so interesting ! I was able to walk to the top of the lock and observe the process from above on my morning walk at The St Lucie Lock. This would be our fifth lock and this time we are dropping 14 feet. By the time I got back to the boat they were ready for us to enter.

Mac’s bilge time was completed and I had had a pleasant chat with a local camper, Deanna. She is a Montana native but living in Sun City Hilton Head. She primitive camps solo. We talked trails, boats, Chacos ( I was walking in mine) weather challenges and more. She was great!!

Mac got to experience some local knowledge in the lock as he dropped down and chatted with the lock master about meat and grills and other manly stuff. Great guy!

We spent an hour of this morning at the fuel dock at American Yachts in Jupiter putting on fuel. Noon found us going through “hells gate” as we twisted down around and up into the ICW ! We made it. Last Wednesday toes in the Gulf. This Wednesday toes in the Atlantic! Anchor down in Fort Pierce Inlet up in a great cove called Faber Cove. We took the dingy to dinner at Chucks Seafood just around the bend in the inlet. Since we had been out of beer for three days the Goose Island tasted exceptional! I have myself nested on the fly bridge for the night and feel the breeze off the Atlantic as I say…good night.

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  1. Wow what adventuers y’all are having!! We are in NC stayed at mile hammock anchorage (Camp LeJeun) last PM about 15 boats in there a mix of sail trawler and motor. It was a great anchorage. Heading to Morehead City for visit with Lee’s cousins. Safe travels😘❤️


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