Sixty days and sixty ways.

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Having arrived at Hilton Head on Saturday morning we joined Mom at Sunday Mass at Holy Family. The deacon happened to speak that morning. He really hit home with his message. He talked about finding God in all the moments of life from the big stuff to the little stuff. This journey has certainly been big stuff for us and we have felt the presence of God all around us but there have been small things along the way that were God winks for which we are very grateful. As we close in on sixty days on board I thought I’d share sixty ways, big and small that He has blessed the Pelican and her crew.

That call from a pal just when you start to feel homesick

Cheese and crackers

Generator and inverter to keep the devices charged

Lighthouses on the horizon

Army corps of engineers to maintain our parks, locks, and waterways

Sunsets and sunrises

Navigational beacons

Full moons

Advice from others on Active Captain, waterway guide, forums, blogs and posts.

New friends

FaceTime calls just as we are really missing grandkids …and their parents

Local knowledge

Dad’s old Volvo convertible at HHI

Music (Specifically Jimmy Buffet music since it’s all Mac listens to)

The three storms at Indiantown lifting just as we slid past

Great sleeping

Hook down, set hard,

Never being at sea wishing we were at dock

Borrowed cars and trucks

Engine problems solved

Ice lasting an extra day

Visits from old friends

Paper maps and charts

Jamming on the fly bridge with great musicians


Pals at a pig roast

Invites for cocktails and a tour of a fellow cruisers boat

No schedule

Paycheck arriving in the bank

Wes, Katie, and Di …so we could leave in the first place

Not a single roach on the boat …so far!

Fabulous staff in our businesses back home

Solar lights

WiFi when we could find it.

Cocktails on the flybridge

Alberto not catching us

Sunshine and blue skies


Cranking every morning

Pita pocket breakfasts at the helm

Dingy rides


Birds, birds and more birds.

Glassy seas across the north Gulf

Kayaking in amazing slews

Strong cell signals

Georgia’s pristine golden isles

Bill, the lead dog and the daily log.

Free laundry

Dolphin on the bow

Enough water under the hull on the rim route of Lake Okeechobee

Insta Pot making meals in a jiffy

Boat cards ( because I can’t remember names)

VHF radio ….to ask for a slow pass please!

Laundry room libraries

Friendly marinas

Two degrees of separation

Florida’s endless beauty

Good holding anchorages

Floating docks

Mechanics on speed dial


Cold beer

So I will close with one more throw back moment at Ortega Landing. I promised you it would be worth the wait. Here’s The Flybridge Five as I have now deemed them. Enjoy the show!

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