Life on the dock. We have really settled in. Shelter Cove Marina is nicely situated up Broad Creek in the center of a lot of what’s happening on Hilton Head. We are situated across from the hustle and bustle on the I dock. There’s a small Disney property consisting of cabins and beautiful grounds off the bow and they graciously allow us access throughout.

I have gotten back into a daily walking routine which can take me in several directions. The beach is a mile or so east. I have loved walking the wide low tide sands here since I was a kid. The Shelter Cove Town Center to the north is abuzz with retail, eateries, and pubs. The pathways through Palmetto Dunes are shady, quiet and interesting. And unlike my Gautier walks this time of year I am not accompanied by, or swatting at, biting dear flies! It’s all good!

Most evenings we are entertained in triplet by the live music wafting across the harbor. It can get to be a quite a gumbo of tunes coming at different volumes and in different genres but it’s fun and only lasts a couple of hours. We sit and sip on the flybridge people watching, letting the music wash over us.

Our favorite pastime here is getting out on the water. The kayaks are getting a good workout as is the dingy as we explore all the areas we have seldom gotten to see as land-lubbing tourists. Dolphin and manatee make us welcome and the redfish and black drum are just about jumping into the boat. We have yet to land one but watch out…!

The best part of becoming floating residents of Hilton Head involves family! A birthday lunch in Savannah with our son and his ladies is something we have never been able to just “run and do”. Yesterday we buzzed over, ( in Dads old Volvo convertible), celebrated Scarlet’s birthday and strolled the shops along Broughton Street.

Spending time with Mom is the main reason we came and it is wonderful! Chilling on the lagoon on Fairfax in the rockers is always a favorite place to be. Lunches out and dinners too are the reason I have to walk like a fiend everyday!! So many restaurants, so little time!!

Today I was able to get my fix for digging in the dirt as I put some color in her front beds.

Having said that we are settling in nicely, those that know us won’t be surprised to hear that the cruising guide and charts came out yesterday. Not being accustomed to staying put for too long we are tossing the lines this weekend to go find a gunk hole up the May River or Bull Creek near Bluffton. We hope to explore Historical Bluffton, Palmetto Bluff, and several other areas. Monday the plan is to go to Savannah on Pelican to watch the granddaughter’s swim meet. So a few days off the dock should be an adventure. Besides, we can’t get too used to having AC or we might lose our saltiness.

Let me know your thoughts!

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